A Simple Method for Doing Probate in Florida and Getting it Done Fast!

Dear Friend,

If you are a someone who has just lost a loved one and you have said to yourself, “if I could just know exactly what probate is and what I need to do next” then this might be the most important report you read all year.

Here’s why…


If you have ever dealt with attorneys and the legal system before (or have heard stories) chances are you have felt the following: frustrated because no one ever returned your calls or clearly explained the process to you; a sense of overwhelm because you felt like you were on your own and no one really understood you or your story; angry because it seemed like you kept paying more and more money and were getting less and less results; helpless because it seemed like there was no end in sight. You would not be alone in feeling that way. In fact, many of our clients come to us and tell us that they have had horrible experiences with attorneys in the past. Or even if they have not had a bad experience with an attorney, they are feeling completely overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one.

Well, that is sort of why I decided to open a law firm dedicated to probate and estate planning services. I come from a background of service. I have done almost every job under the sun ranging from dishwasher and server at restaurants, construction and landscaping, boat cleaner and even door to door sales. I then spent three years in Central America working as a volunteer for the United States Peace Corps. Needless to say, I know what good service looks like.

When I began practicing law, I was somewhat appalled by the lack of service that attorneys provided to their clients. I had never really had any exposure to attorneys before becoming one, but I guess I assumed they treated their clients like real people. I was wrong. I saw that many attorneys had this attitude almost like they were better than their clients because they happened to go to school and get a degree. Call it my southern upbringing, as I was raised in Tennessee, but I was always taught to treat everyone, and I mean everyone, with respect. So, when I started The Probate Law Firm, that is what I aimed to do.

We treat every client with the utmost respect. Probate is a sensitive topic as it often involves the death of someone very close to a person. Unfortunately, it can often lead to fighting amongst siblings and can leave deep wounds that families never heal from. I wanted to change that. Even though probate is difficult for most people, I wanted our clients to feel like we have their back. I wanted them to know that we are on their side and we are not going to hide out in our offices. We are going to walk them through the entire process and make sure they know we are there for them. And that is what we have done. We have built a law firm that is centered on exceptional customer service as well as keeping things simple and easy. You are busy and frankly have a lot going on, especially after the loss of a loved one. We get that, which is why everything we do revolves around making the probate simple for you and
your family. We would be honored to help you and your family during this potentially difficult time.


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